Jemima and The Fox

The Players:
  • Hugh Grant – Actor and cynic
  • Rupert Murdoch – The Sun King and media scion
  • Jemima Khan neé Goldsmith- Heiress, ex wife of Imran Khan and Julian Assange supporter who wrote the cheque for his bail money
  • Rebekah Brooks neé Wade – Chief Editor of News International and once the youngest editor of a British newspaper – NOTW
  • Charlie Brooks–  Former horse trainer and former proprietor of a sex-toy mail-order company and likely lad
  • Matthew Freud – PR guru and husband of Elisabeth Murdoch, Rupert’s daughter, on par with Rebekah for ability to  social climb
  • David Cameron – UK PM and old Eton school friend of Charlie Brooks
  • Andy Coulsen – Ex New OF The World editor who became David Cameron’s personnel as Communications Director and best friend of Rebekah Wade
  • Guy Ritchie – Film director and ex of Madonna aka Gollum’s mum.
Once upon a time, News of the World Editor Rebekah Wade married Charlie Brooks, in a quiet ceremony attended by her boss, Rupert Murdoch and other guests including film director Guy Ritchie.
Meanwhile, across town,  Hugh Grant was dating Jemima Khan. Then they broke up but remained friends like all civilised people.
Soon after, Hugh went to a birthday party where he discovered that Matthew Freud, a fellow guest and Hugh’s former PR rep and Murdoch’s son-in-law had introduced Jemima to film director Guy Ritchie. Hugh said some choices things to Matthew, Matthew said some bitchy things to Hugh and then they fought in the typical manner of upperclass English men; some general name calling and then Matthew smeared cake onto Hugh’s shirt.
Move forward a few months and Hugh breaks down in his self confessed ‘midlife crisis car’ and the ex-NOTW journalist who is following him offers him a lift and since Hugh had no other choice to get to his destination, accepts the lift and then soon after the lid was lifted on the whole phone hacking scandal. (Phew)
Hugh then tapes the journo revealing all and persuaded by Jemima Khan whose name was on the list of phone hackees that Hugh saw (Jemima had put up the bail money for Julian Assange, who has said he will reveal some serious wiki-dirt on Murdoch should anything happen to him. ) Hugh writes an article about the whole messy affair for the New Statesman, a left leaning magazine, which Jemima Khan has guest edited before, focussing on freedom of speech.
The article gets so much traffic, the New Statesman site nearly implodes. The story gets picked up and soon it snowballs until we have the giant clusterfuck that is facing Murdoch and his empire.
So, when you work back, look at the players, the moments, the interconnections, it comes down to…the cake. I think Hugh Grant wanted to get even with Matthew Freud for releasing the details of the cake fight to the media and making Hugh look like a dick and for setting Jemima up with Guy Ritchie.
Hugh, I think your work is done now.  A nest of vipers, a can of worms, a shitstorm, you choose what you want to call it but something major has been opened and I have a feeling this is only the beginning.
To see the full list phone hacking of victims so far, visit here at The Guardian. Lot’s of Royals on there. The Queen will not be amused. Hard to believe anything can be done when the UK Prime Minister plays with the Murdochs and Co.
I’m exhausted just looking at the web of connections. There is something bigger at play here but I am not qualified or fit to explore but when all is revealed, if it is ever revealed , I will not be surprised.
Truth is always stranger than fiction.
Happy Wednesday.

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