The World On A String

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend, said Chuck Palahniuk.

As this is my blog, so I will talk about my weekend. Firstly, it was lovely to be mobile after two weeks of contagion interruptus.

Sunday was the best day. The Vienna exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, then onto yum cha, a walk through the city, the State of Design markets at Fed Square and then home for string gardens inspiration and planning (see above), a nap, homemade shepherds pie, trashy TV, paying bills and Sunday has whooshed past, leaving a vapor trail of contentment.

I am a lucky little monkey, I know.


Happy Monday.



A final word, I am aware of the awful state of the world at the moment with violence, debt and death. I have chosen to not write about these topics, not because I am disrespectful but because I want to offer some relief in whatever way I can.  My blog like my books is dedicated to the lighter things in life; love, beauty, transformation and magic. I won’t write about these issues because I do not believe I am qualified to write about such awfulness but also because many others are writing about these tragic events. The web is filled with devastation this weekend. My thoughts are with anyone suffering from such a profound loss and heartbreak and I hope that you find peace during these darks days.






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