Where have you been?

I ama  fickle girl and when the sun is shining I am filled with bonhomie. So much so I have spent the last few days walking, musing and generally filling up on Vitamin D.

So what’s happening with you?  Great, wow, cool, I’m sorry, shit! See? A reaction for everyone.

What am I loving at the moment?

Blake and Leo on a bike ride through New York. Individually I find them boring but together…bam. Exciting. They are good for gossip. So much to surmise about. This is what occupies my waking and often sleeping thoughts. Vapid? Hell yeah.

You cannot deny the power of Leo Di Caprio. He works with only the best and chooses his roles carefully, like Monsieur Depp.

Leo rolls with his Pussy Posse as they are known in Hollywood circles. Members past and present include; Lukas Hasse, who was on the bike ride with Blake and Leo, Tobey Maguire, David Blaine (yes, the magician) and Harmony Korine (indie film director). There are other lesser members but these are the main guys who keep Leo happy.

Now Leo has only ever dated models as far as I know. Blake is one step away from this world but she is young, blonde, slamming body and gorgeous. She is 23, Leo 36.

Rumour has it that Leo is in deep smit. Blake could make this one work but 23 is too young to decide anything. I’m not sure the acting thing will really work out for her in the long run. Perhaps Leo might be the best career move she will ever make.

Nice to be back moonbeams.


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