What Comes After Gluttony?


Is fine dining and the experience of the exclusive restaurant over?

Now El Bulli has shut it doors, I learn that Oaxen Krog, the much lauded Swedish restaurant, situated on an island off Stockholm, is closing it’s doors at the end of September.

Both restaurants were only open for six months of the year but still, I see  pattern emerging. Stick with me here ok?

The hit TV show, Masterchef in Australia this year has not done as well as previous years. The idea of being a working chef is nowhere near as glamorous as people may think. The celebrity chef has had it’s day and gluttony is very Empire (pre GFC) as opposed to Post Empire (after the GFC). Cafes are on the rise where you can pay $14 for a great main as opposed to $35-40 for a main meal at a hatted restaurant.

Everywhere I go throughout Melbourne, once Australia’s food capital, I see people eating locally and enjoying the community feel. BFF and I had an amazing dinner at a small restaturant in Melbourne the other night. Not a hatted establishment, not well known and yet, great service and wonderful food without a crazy bill at the end.

It is impossible to condone largesse when you see pictures of women holding up their small, starving children in the Sudan.

My call for Post Empire food lifestyle? Cafes and home cooking will be on the rise and the day’s of the celebrity in the kitchen are short lived. Picnics will be back, peasant food to share is the ideal meal to share with loved ones and a coffee and a piece of yummy cake is now a treat.

So what comes next Post Empire as the new craze? Greed is done, Lust is done.

I’m putting my money on Sloth as the new Post Empire craze. We are tired and spent, in every way. We need to rest. This is why TV is going crazy, more and more shows on TV I am loving. Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, True Blood to name a few.Now I can sit at home and downloading a film to rent to watch on my computer, I don’t even have to leave to go to the DVD store, download a book and read straight away. Sloth is on the rise.

How will Sloth play out in culture remains to be seen but as ever, I am so ahead of the curve I frighten myself. I have been rockin’ the sloth for about 18 mths now and despite some light atrophying of the legs, it’s really suiting me.

If you need me I maybe napping, so leave a message ok?


Later moonbeams.




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