Friday’s Love It Or Leave It List

Love It:

  • Satsuki Michell’s fine self getting all Bond $007 on Daniel Craig’s ass. Read here on how to fuck shit up.
  • New track from Goyte. Love. It.
  • Hairdresser visit with a new book
  • Sunshine this week
  • New shoes, on sale
  • Lots of ideas for stories
  • Back to Zumba.
Leave It:
  • Kim Kardashin’s wedding. Really ? Four hours? I don’t want to do anything for four hours. I’m serious. Well, maybe sleep but that’s it. Honest.
  • George Clooney’s low rent new GF. Really? Hey you know how I feel about this one. Surely there is another starlet available for weddings. parties, anything. At least The Italian GF was interesting.
  • Collar bombs and dickheads surmising on the story
  • Dow Jones shitting itself and denial about the recession everywhere
  • Shane Warne – looking so spooky, I feel a bit sick.

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