A Room With A Lock

In the world of hard hitting news, it’s good to know there’s me at the front line, right?  *nods humbly and adjusts the Peabody Award on the mantle*

Lately of London, beside terrifying riots, Kate Moss is planning her new dressing room. Can you imagine Kate’s dressing room? Money is no object, she has clothes forever and the girl has style. Yes – we are talking freestanding baths, steamrooms and extra rooms for her vintage accessories. Can you imagine her daughter Layla playing dress-ups? I saved quite a few things for my daughter and she loves them. Old school formal dresses and vintage cardigans but nothing like Kate Moss’s collection.

Did you know Claudia Schiffer has her huge collection of clothes stored in a customised and climate controlled aircraft hanger? Lady Amanda Harlech, muse to Galliano, Lagerfeld and Blahnik has a suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris permanently booked for her. She keeps her Haute Couture collection there, every piece carefully wrapped in tissue paper. I don’t think my space bags from Howards Storage World are the same thing, somehow.

Ah, *sigh. I dream of my own dressing room and bathroom. It’s the indulgent Taurus in me. In male dominated Victorian times,  the dressing room was a place to escape. Somewhere to be frilly and work on those crazy Victorian hairstyles.  I suppose things haven’t changed much, we want a space for our straighteners, blowdryer, curlers and so on. My prediction? Bathrooms. Embrace the sloth and pamper yourself. You watch…bathrooms and dressing rooms will become the next big thing.

Happy Tuesday moonbeams, I’m off to take a bath.


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