The Business of Writing

My other half works in the creative business. I used to work in this world till it made me insane. Now I sit in the most divine study in the world and write to escape. When a creative friend sent him this video yesterday from Simon Sinek, my husband asked me to watch it as he thought I might be interested. The talk is from Simon Sinek who is an ad man, but don’t discount him yet. In this video he makes a comprehensive point that those who are successful are more focussed on telling us why they do something as opposed to what they do.

His examples are Apple computers, Martin Luther King, the Wright Brothers. It is not a perfect video but what he does well is explain The Golden Circle.

So do you know why you write? Why is the most vital part. Don’t tell me what you write, I get it, you write books, stories, scripts. Tell me why you do it? What do you get from writing that you will fill the reader with? Joy? Escapism? Horror? Justice?  A sense of magic? Belief in love? WHY?

Answer this and you will be onto something.

So. Why do I write?

Because my characters lives are far more interesting than my own. I live vicariously through my books, the people the lifestyle, the love, drama and heartbreak, all the time while fabulously dressed. Life’s too short to wear bad clothes. I have a very vivid and rewarding fantasy life and now I transpose this to books and scripts.

I don’t try to educate, I just want to entertain. I want you to turn the page. i want you to smile and laugh and maybe have a little sadness. I want you to enjoy reading or watching as much as I enjoy writing. Why? Because there is so much awfulness around us, I want to give you 300 odd pages of relief. That is why.


Thanks Stef for the link. Love ya work.


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