For Tony. Now And Always.

There are some people who are born to teach and when and if you are fortunate enough to come across one in your life, you know they are special,  because they make you feel special.

One of the special ones passed away unexpectedly this weekend. He directed me on the stage and then my daughter. He was the reason so many of my friends went on to do what they loved.

There was a unarguable quality about this man. He had exemplary taste in everything; literature, friends, music and wine. I was honoured to not only have him as a teacher but  as a friend. He was the sort of teacher they don’t make anymore;  he treated the students as equals and with compassion. You could ring him at anytime of the day and he would be there for you, and many of us did.

His greatest love was the theatre and he directed a wonderful musical, of which I was fortunate enough to be in three of them. Many nights we would leave rehearsals and head out to dinner with him, then head back to his house where he would play jazz piano and I would sing.

‘Autumn in New York’ was a favourite as were songs from Calamity Jane.  He came to see me sing when I was underage and singing jazz in bars and clubs while at school, not lecturing me on being underage, instead ordered a wine and calling out requests.

He was the best sort of teacher because he taught us about life.

Thank you Tony. You died doing what you loved and while I will miss you, I remember your warm hug only a while ago and how proud you were of me. You are part of the reason I write Tony, the reason I acted and sang and the reason why I always think of you when I hear “Autumn in New York.”

Vale Tony. I love you.




2 thoughts on “For Tony. Now And Always.”

  1. Thankyou so much for writing this fitting tribute to my beautiful uncle. I know he would be so humbled and proud of the outpouring of messages about his inspirational personality. Words just don’t befit the mark this incredible man left on earth. He was my inspiration and my idol and he left more of himself in me than I ever imagined and I will miss him every day for the rest of my life. And like you I am proud and privileged to call him my uncle, godfather and above all my friend. Yours is just one of many messages left about Tones all saying the same thing. What an impression he made on all the lives he touched. What strength of character that message shows. We need more men like him in this world. I hope you can be comforted by your memories of Tony. So glad I found this page.

    1. Oh Laura, I am so glad you stumbled upon my small tribute to Tony. Not enough but all I could do. I was fortunate enough to have told him recently what he meant to me, of course he would hear nothing of it and brushed my platitudes aside in his humble way. What gave me great pleasure yesterday was to see how much Tony was loved by his family and how rich that life was with you all. He was blessed with having you and you with him.
      Thank you Laura for writing. Much love to you and your family and thanks for sharing Tony with us.

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