Friday’s Love It or Leave It List

Love It:

  • Many years ago I heard a story about a well known Melbourne architect who refused to allow his client to buy a drying rack for her kitchen. He claimed it would ruin the integrity of the room. Ok…I wonder of this one would pass his integrity test? So fun. My friend doesn’t have a drying rack. It annoys me. I might buy her this one. Cute non?

  • The U Board – a multi-functional organisational tool for your desk. Use it to hold your office accessories while you tuck your keyboard underneath it. Or maybe to hold your monitor higher. You can use it any way you want to make your desk more organised and efficient.
  • I love this quote so much I might just paint my front door with the words. I used to work with someone who would grunt when they came to work. They held the power when they arrived. We would all wait to see what mood they was in and conduct our day accordingly. I wish I knew this quote back then.
Leave It:
  • Mercury Retrograde – This has been the harshest in a while but also tinged with joy and learning that comes with this transit.
  • Rain – I am sick of rain. I know, I shouldn’t complain but everything is damp. i feel like I am on set of Twilight. Dark, rainy and BORING!
  • Pitbull Terriers – have to go. How many death do we need to have? I was once chased by one and saw the same dog scale a six foot fence to chase my neighbour holding a baby. Not good at all. Terrifying.
That’s it. Have a great weekend Moonbeams.

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