Space Cadet

Did you know you can take a holiday in Space? For just under a million dollars. It also includes three months of space training and complimentary sightseeing tour around the moon. Not my thing. I prefer to lie by the pool and read sexy books or plan to write such books.

My idea of a holiday involves a buffet breakfast, sun, people watching, walks along the sand, afternoon rests, in-house movies and debating whether a gin and tonic at midday is déclassé. An exceptional gift/clothing store is always fun to waste a little time and a spa even better. Will there be a gift shop on the space shuttle? No? Yes? What would they sell? Gravity pens? NASA nappies? The mind boggles.

Meanwhile, I am serious when I say, EVERYTHING is happening this week.

Book edits for Aus, extras for UK to be written. TV script landing requiring edits and consideration and film meetings tomorrow and I haven’t started the research. WHAT? WHY? How? I’ll tell you why. Jupiter is in Taurus. Bulls are setting up things nicely for  a boom 2012 at the moment. Other beneficiaries are Virgo and Capricorn, Pisces and Cancer.

I had to laugh the other day when I read that a truck had overturned in Nashville and precious prize bull sperm had covered the highway. The highway had to be closed while it was cleaned up. Gross yes,  but auspicious none the less.

Happy Jupiter in Taurus moonbeams.




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