Friday’s Love It Or Leave It List

Love it:

  • Pencil Art by Dalton Ghetti.  pHe uses a razor blade, sewing needle and a sculpting knife. He doesn’t sell them, just gives them as gifts. Ahhmazing.
  • No, not a boring locket. Inside is a flash drive. What? I know. Designer Emily Rothschild has some incredible objects. Golden Compass merges with The Matrix. Love! Perfect for a Young Adult novel, any writers out there.
  • Yes we have Zara in Australia now but I get the distinct feeling it is the dregs from overseas. And it is picked up and tried on and generally a little ratty. Instead buy Zara overseas. If you have a US postal address to send on or you can use postal services like Price USA. Yes, I like this top.
  • Awkward Family Photos, such as this with the homemade cabbage patch dolls. There are classics on this site. Never not funny. People are weird.
Leave It:
  • A new movie with Nic and Niccie. Wow. Turkey much?
  • An intense story from the only survivor of a Peruvian plane crash which killed 92 people. Not for the faint of heart but her story is a miracle, truly. Worth reading but only if you have stomach for it.
  • The endless groundhog day of my life right now.
  • Worrying. So boring.
  • Not having an organised study. Anyone? Come help me?

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