Storm in a Coffee Cup

Today I have decided to do something that I think is quite wanky. I am writing in a cafe. I know, I say it is a terribly hipster activity but I have no choice. Home is busy and I am so easily distracted. Here; I have wi-fi, the best coffee out of St Kilda and my book, the book that never ends. Will I ever finish it? I have other ideas knocking and I am caught in the middle of the book, Dammit!

If I could bring my Herman Miller chair here then I would be set. I swear these chairs are magical. If you can, buy one, invest in your posture and back. they are the BEST.

It’s not as though distractions don’t exist here though. Three firemen just walked in. Crazy good-looking. Why are firemen always so handsome? The same way many policemen are so unattractive (not all but the ones who I have seen, if you know a good-looking policeman lemme know ;0 )

I tell what else, I have a massive girlcrush on Kimbra. Seen her clips? Watch it below. She is too cool for school. Great style. Groovy dance moves. She would write in a cafe I think but she would look cool doing it. Where as I look like a dork. *sigh*

Have a nice day Moonbeams.


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