Friday’s Love it Or Leave It List

Love It:

  • Those who know me well know I love reading Craigslist ads aloud to guests. Craigslist proves my theory that the world is a mixed up, muddled up shook up place and as funny as hell. While I am not quite in the league of these guys who actually perform the ads on video, I love the crazy. Hilarious, please watch when you have a moment. Anyhoo, a talented artist, Sophie Blackall,  has taken the best of these ads and illustrated them (see above) and she has a book. LOVE IT. Want to buy now.
  • A classic eighties look I will channel for the eighties party I have coming up. I will also learn this dance. Stay tuned.

Leave It:

This. I hate this. Enough with the  ‘Mumoirs.’ (*waits for flaming emails). I dislike most Mummy literature/blogs but this is something else.  It may be an unfair article so I will stand corrected if it’s the greatest book ever written about parenting (along with 900,000,000 other books on the same subject)  but why do women complicate the whole motherhood thing? Just do it and stop bitching. Women of the world have done it for thousands of years and just got on with it.

Don’t be THAT woman in the new mother’s group. The one who we all secretly hated but didn’t know each other well enough to say anything till friendships were formed outside of the group and the truth came out. The ‘mutha’ who frowned at the single mum in my group who bought barbecue shapes as her contribution to morning tea and lectured her on food additives. The one who moved her child away from the one with eczema in case her darling ‘caught it’, the one who attachment parented and told people at length about why her child would be more loving as a result but then looked the other way when said child slammed a plastic hammer into a newborn. Yep. True stories. All of them.

Just recently, I heard of a sanctimummy telling off another mother for the behaviour of her child during playgroup. This woman, sick of the bullshit lectures and drama punched her in the face. Yep, punched her. Bahaha. I’m still laughing about it.  Highly strung crazy type A’s who have gone nuts and one of them ain’t gonna take it anymore. STFU bitch and focus on your kid and not mine, we good? Yeah, we good.

Have a good weekend my lovely moonbeams.


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