Screenagers & Why eReaders Are For Dorks

My daughter downloaded a book onto her iPhone on a long car trip. She finished it but complained afterwards that she would much prefer the ‘real’ book to read. When I asked her why, considering she is so comfortable looking at a screen for every other part of her life, she said that she preferred the book, as it felt nicer, as though she really owned the thing and could revisit it repeatedly.

I read two books on the weekend. One on my Kindle, one in hardcopy. It didn’t bother me how I was receiving the words as long as I was drinking them in. I am interested in the digital book rise. When we received MP3 to listen to our music, it was a lovely thing, the recordings were clearer and you could just get what you wanted at any time. Downloading is a good thing. On the weekend I downloaded the book, The Language of Flowers and the song Under Pressure and in a few minutes they were on my phone.

I am now sorry I downloaded The Language of Flowers because it’s good and now I want my mum to read it but she doesn’t have an eReader and so on and so on. I wanted to share the story. The hardcopy book was one of hers and I was glad I read it, The Summer Kitchen. This is what the hardcopy does; allow you to share and sharing books is one of the best things in the world. I know the business side of me see the idea of sharing as a sale lost but I think it all adds up in the end.

I don’t know about ebooks yet. Sure they are easy and fast but I can’t lend them to my Mum and sister and friends and that kinda gives me the shits. I dont know anyone who has read The Language of Flowers and I would love to talk about it to someone, anyone. *sigh

So the rise of digital books depends on the younger generation and they haven’t got their heads around a book on screen yet and until they do, it will still be a challenger medium in the publishing industry. The way Kindles and ebook readers look now, screenagers would rather carry a pocket calculator and a sign saying, “Kick Me.” The Ebook readers will need to do something else besides give them a way read. They will also want to talk to friend about it online, create groups, forums, instant message about the book etc. Work out how to do that and throw in a link to Facebook and then maybe, just maybe, they will give  it a chance.


Happy Monday moonbeams.




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