Molly And The Duckman

I know, I will stop banging on about the 80’s party I have to go to but really, it’s been beyond stressful trying to find a costume that doesn’t require too much money and too much effort. All my effort has gone on researching the innerweb to find something that isn’t offensive or too try hard.

Of course I started with Molly Ringwald and have ended with Molly Ringwald. God I loved her in the 80’s. She was my icon. I bought an oversized blazer and some pearls, wayfarers and I was good to go. This is what I will be rockin’ for the party. Too easy. I may even ‘merch’ it up with a hat. I like a hat. Those who know me well, know how much I love a hat.

Pretty in Pink is the best. The costume designer for this film was Marilyn Vance who then went on to did Pretty Woman. Iconic looks in both films. One sums up vintage 80’s and the other, the designer 90’s.  (Marilyn also did Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club. *swoon at the 80’s memories*)

Phew, I feel better now, I know you do as well.

Now if I can get the other half to go as Duckie, we will be set….



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