Forties Is Not Just A Midlife Crisis

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The Forties are here, have you noticed? First in film with the The Kings Speech, soon to be released W.E, directed by Madonna and now in fashion.

Expect the chain stores to be bringing this look to you next year but if you are too cool for school then hop to it now. Grab a matte lipstick, some shoulder pads, a clunky shoe, and bammo, Wallis Simpson eat your heart out.

Many designers are doing the Forties look this season; Martin Grant, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton but the hands down winner in my mind is Miu Miu.

A review from  reads:

Dresses were slim, long-sleeved, and to-the-knee and came printed with birds or white flowers like lilies of the valley and daisies. For evening, those same prints were picked out in sequins. Mink swagged the shoulders of little black dresses and, a bit more trickily, twisted around the hips of others. The models carried clutches that looked like blown-up versions of coin purses.






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