iSteve + uPeople = Transformation

*Warning: I have freak dreams. If you aren’t into dreams then I suggest you read no further.

Last night Steve Jobs and I had a great chat in the astral. He was the second coming. He was a flawed person,  just like Jesus of the robe and sandals but his version was the sneakers and jeans. The uniform of the everyman.

He is also of Middle Eastern origin, just like the Jesus dude. And he lived in San Fran, the power centre of hippie culture of the USA where enlightenment can come through an LSD experience, which Steve Jobs took and claimed changed his outlook on life. Hey, last night it made sense. The image above is what I saw. The iPhone between man and God, iTouch Spirituality for the people.

We talked about how the Internet is God. It’s good and evil, connects and destroys. There is a dark underside, and light and love. Facebook, google, and so on are just the apostles, spreading the word of God.

Some argue that technology is more important than education in developing countries, allowing contact with relatives, reviewing weather reports and transferring of money. The power of the technology cannot be argued with anymore.

For the record, I love Facebook when used responsibly. Finding old friends and reconnecting far outweighs it’s negatives. I love itTunes and genius playlists are well, Genius. I admire everything my MacBook Pro can do. I love WordPress and it’s elegance of design and how easy it is to use. Twitter makes me laugh and expands my universe and experience.

We are in the Age of Aquarius I am told by astrodorks. Own it. We are God, each and everyone of us. Thus the self referencing i-everything. We are our own rock stars, so do something with it and don’t waste your time, Steve said to tell you.

Alright. Will do.


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