Top Ten Reasons Blogging Is Bullshit

  1. Nobody really reads it, not even your friends or family.
  2. Nobody ask you any questions anymore because they read your blog, Facebook and Twitter. They know all about you and your bunions already.
  3. It takes you away from your real job and responsibilites.
  4. Your overinflated sense of self importance does not need to be recorded online.
  5. You will regret sharing that opinion, especially if you have blogged when you are tired, depressed or frustrated.
  6. Nobody really cares about your opinion, especially if you are tired, depressed or frustrated.
  7. Blog posts are mostly fastfood; all sugar and no nutrition.
  8. Blogs don’t make money unless you are Arianna Huffington whose winged (celebrity) monkeys write content for free and then can say they are published.
  9. Blogging does not mean you get to be an expert. Anyone can use Wikipedia.
  10. Updating for the sake of updating, even though you have nothing to say, like this post right here.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Blogging Is Bullshit”

  1. hit the world hard with scathing words of truth!

    nobody reads blogs.

    newsletters with a daily flow of content are king and of greater connection value.

    blogging works ‘marginally’ best if you have a huge following already or have a powerful long tail keyword url with couple posts to monetize.

    but…blogging is bull!

  2. Right on. Blogging is for narcassists. They have such low self-esteem and need to seek attention. It sad people can’t find the important things in life to do. Wow, what did people do before the internet evoled? They must have made themselves crazy. Facebook should be called ‘NB’ for Narcassist Bookies and we also have Twitter which is a site for Twits. These people must have been deprived as children and need the attention from other bloggers. Get a dog, a friend, or a signficant other. You know what rattles me is if anything is written on a blog can be viewed by Big Brother. No matter where a person goes on the internet with their personal information do not stop to realize their privacy is gone and you never know if a person writes the wrong thing it can and will be used against them. Everyone thinks blogging is all fun and games. They don’t want to look at the consequences of their blogging.
    I love this article on blogging. It makes sense.

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