Friday’s Love It Or Leave It List


Love It:

  • Aerin Lauder’s ski home and this divinely pretentious article by Plum Skyes. “I remember going to São Schlumberger’s house in Paris with my mother. I was about fourteen,” recalls Aerin. “São was wearing this amazing long red skirt and top that looked so beautiful. Her town house at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower had been decorated by someone who did stage sets for the opera, so it was very dramatic. But she did silver bowls filled with potato chips! So now I always do that. I just thought the way she did that was so glamorous and approachable at the same time.”

  • Young Adult- new film by Diablo Cody getting great buzz here. Come on Oscars…This and Moneyball are my need to see movies.
Leave it:
  • The Melbourne Racing Carnival.
  • My time management skills.
  • The list of stuff I got going on and me not getting on it.

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