Facebook Frenemy

Have you ever requested a Facebook friendship and then been left hanging? This recently happened to me, hilariously, by a family member. I feel safe writing this as I know they don’t read my blog. I saw that they have been friending others after my request and yet they rolled me. ROLLED ME. *falls on the floor laughing, then sits up and scratches head*

Seriously? It’s bloody Facebook, not like I am asking you to be the guardian of my children.

So the old adage is true, you can’t choose your family, only your friends, particularly your Facebook friends.

Facebook friendships can be great. I was discussing with one of my dearest girlfriends that Facebook friendships work for us. Our inner snooper gets satisfied, we get to catchup with old friends without the drama of actually catching up in real life and past transgressions are forgiven over the internet. I friend those who ask me, why? Because it’s not polite to ignore people, unless of course they are your creepy ex or that crazy guy who stole all the toilet paper from work.

I may hide your feed sometimes ‘cos you have a lot to say and it blocks my newsfeed (share the space people), I won’t click on the link you have stupidly clicked on, not knowing it is spam and I may choose to ignore the request for adding my birthday to your calendar but I will ‘friend’ you.

Life’s too short to be an asshole.


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