Dreamer on Dreamer

I dream in cinemascope. I see colours and amazing people and my dreams always have symbols that resonant deeply within my soul. I also now dream about idea’s for books and films.

I decided to keep a pen and paper by the bed so I could write down the amazing ideas in the middle of the night as I would wake, with the feeling of the dream but no details.

So, here are the last few dreams I have had-

  • A lush film starring Helen Mirren played a woman called Lady Aria Vattego who invented a card table made from a tablecloth.
  • A culinary tale of how I invented pizza and wrote a book about it and sold pizza to the world.
  • A thrilling action film of how I sailed a boat around Africa and then lost the boat because I didn’t know how to put down the anchor and I didn’t care, instead I made friends with a giraffe.

Yeah. Hey. I know. All of these ideas seemed lifechanging when I was writing them down at god knows what time of the night. In the cold morning light, I just seem mad.

Alright, I’m off to make my dreams come true, one slice of pizza at a time. Have a wonderful day.


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