On Saturday night I partied with the confidence of a much younger woman and am still suffering today, having woken up with a full blown head cold. I have promised my body that I am done with shenanigans and I will live and love like a postulat nun from here on in.

Christmas is nigh upon us and I have started my shopping. Come on, do it, get your shit done early bitches. There is nothing fun about last minute crazy. I also have a book due at the end of January and one the month after so I have to get my groove on and fast. This is why the head cold is fucking with me fiercely.

Meanwhile, I’m super excited about The Hunger Games movies. Like SUPER EXCITED!!!

Gladiators meets pageants, meets dystopian romance. What’s not to love? I am way more Katniss than Bella. Bella from Twilight makes me wants to chew my own toes off in frustration. You seen Winters Bone yet? Jennifer Lawrence is the rizzle. Really. Truly.



Have a greassssh day.





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