Friday’s Christmas Gift guide

Still searching for gifts? Look no further than these little gems here.

  • For the man who has everything…except Gay Tarot cards. What? I know. Perfect. My eyes are starving for spirituality. Love it. Get your tarot on here.

  • Pretty boxes on a sideboard, pretty boxes made of glass and oak, pretty boxes on a sideboard, pretty boxes just for you. *Sung  to the tune of Little Boxes* Available here.

  • As an ode to the nativity, why not rock an Emma Cook mutant caftan for Christmas day? Half donkey, half fox. Although I’m not sure where the fox comes into the story of the birth of B.J. Maybe Mary was a fox, maybe you are a fox. Get fonkey here. *See what I did there? A witty portmanteau of the words fox and donkey? I know right 😉

In reviewing the day’s events, Duncan realised the crack he made about the size of his boss’s tail was not taken in the lighthearted spirit it was intended.

  • Know a little boy? Buy him this. Simple. It’s cool. It’s amazing quality, Oilily, my fave kids brands. They used to be in Australia but no one bought it but me, so they left. I did save some of it for my BFF”s little boy though, cos I’m so darned considerate. Buy here please.

  • Some people say that giving a scented candle is a lazy gift. I disagree, you can give me all the smelly candles you want, I love ’em. This one is Baies -Bulgarian roses and black-current leaves. Don’t those words look lovely together? Buy here.

More to come.



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