Hats Off

How gorgeous is this hat on Princess Mary? She is a stylish lassie. Doesn’t try to hard but always looks spot on. Take the recent photos of her Kate Windsor neé Middleton in Denmark.

Mary did it so well in her pants and boots. A good coat for the the grave occasion; they helped packed United Nations emergency supplies at a warehouse in Copenhagen for starving children in Africa. Kate’s coat? No, not right. Too glitzy an the belt is fug, as are her suede boots.

“Hair back and ready to work for the starving masses,” says Mary’s hairstyle.

Kate’s hair says, “It’s all about me, all the time.”

Kate’s whole steeze is not having a stylist. I get not having a stylist, sort of….but what they do is advise you on the appropriate outfit for the occasion. Mary’s stylist is Anja Camilla Alajdi, who is super fab, as one would expect.

Kate has the London fashion world at her feet and she insists on dressing herself. Admirable or arrogant? Maybe she doesn’t want to turn into a style icon like Diana. Maybe she likes her style.

Sure, everyone thinks they are stylish and have a sense of humour. Trust me, not everyone does.

Happy Monday.



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