You Feeling Me?

A great article here on Nora Roberts, who discusses her illustrious career in the most down to earth way. Her books have been on the New York Times Bestseller List for 893 weeks, yet she had only been reviewed by the NY Times once.

“All some people see is the big R and dismiss it. But I’ve made my career on my own terms and that doesn’t necessarily suit the likes of the New York Times book review.

They don’t see that as legitimate. But it’s just so insulting towards millions of people. Why would you apologise for what you read for pleasure? Just think of the illiteracy rate. Every book read for pleasure should be celebrated. And novels that celebrate love, commitment, relationships, making relationships work, why isn’t that something to be respected?”

How can you disagree with that?

I refuse to apologise for what books give me pleasure. Last night I was talking to my mother, whose bookshelf was as catholic as you would ever find, where I listed the seminal books for myself. God we laughed as I reeled off the titles but I can’t be embarrassed, those books bought me here.

So here goes- some of the books that shaped me:

See a theme? Yep, a hopeless romantic and a lover of a good story. Stories is where it’s at for me and always has been. I could list other books from when I was younger, the junior fiction that helped me to love reading but the books I have listed set me thinking and made me want to turn the page.

I know they aren’t ‘literary’, Aesops Tales to be read in Greek or the complete work of Proust to be read in French, but they are the ones that led me here.

When I write I want the reader to be excited, appalled, sad, happy and thrilled. For that is what I want to feel when I write them, otherwise what’s the point?

You feel me?

Happy Thursday friends.


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