Slow News Thursday

Have you ever been in the supermarket, seen someone you know, not well but enough to stop and talk them. Do you look in their trolley? Do they look in yours? Therein,  lies the potential for shame.

Is your trolley fileld with organic delights and healthy treats? Free range chickens, their lives tenderly ended just for your dining pleasure? Oranges grown in Elysisan fields, pulp free and waiting to be juiced just for you? No?

Imagine then being Kate Windsor neé Middleton. Out and about shopping in Tesco’s. Would you look in her trolley?

I’m not gonna lie. I did check out her selection on the conveyor belt and wonder what was on the weeks menu for her and Wills. She can’t get away with TimTams or the newest addiction in my house- Roadies, flavoured potato skins.

To see more of Kate’s trolley 😉 then click here. 

I know, I know. Not my greatest post but I bet you go and look at her shopping. Just sayin’, not judgin’….sort of.



3 thoughts on “Slow News Thursday”

  1. Of course I looked, I love looking. I love it when people leave their front doors open, or their lights on at night and you can walk by and peer in. Creepy? No I just love seeing what everyone’s doing. Pathetic? Possibly, but no harm meant.

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