Christmas Gift Guide

  • Know a kid who likes to draw? At $7.95 this is steal from Booktopia. Team with a notepad and pencils.
  • I know I crap on about this wonder to my friends and at last count I have sold at least five after my spruiking. You know that good look you get from your hairstylist’s blowout? You can get it also for $75. WTF? I know right. Crazzzzyyy. Buy here and send me a thank you note in the mail.

  • Do you have a dirty little stationery whore in your circle? We all know one. Addicted to the smell of permanent markers and steals pens from hotels. How about some cute, cheap and cheerful items to help them get their fix? These manilla folders are so lovely and $3.50 for twelve fo the nifty buggers. Buy here.

  • Umm… hello cute and sexy leather clutchbag that looks like a paperbag. Buy here.

  • I am in love with Chantecaille products. Buy someone you love one of their lipsticks. Please. You will win major points. That’s all. Buy here.

  • Gorgeousness scarves for someone special in your life?  I have one of these and it’s so nice to wear. Buy here.

That’s it for another Friday friends.



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