Take A Bite Out Of Life…Or Not

Saturday morning in my house is quiet today, as I have decided to cut myself and my family some slack. My husband is unwell at the moment, and so choices need to be made about what we do. This weekend, we do nothing. I’m serious. NOTHING.

I did take myself off to Zumba today and felt all the better for it, although I did nearly have a heart attack during a rousing Cumbia track. It’s been two months since I have been and man, did I pay but yes, I got the buzz and of course I got promised myself not to be such a lazy lady for so long again.

As soon as life gets busy, I let my own needs go. Lately my daughter has had exams, husband is sick, son has more social events than a A-List star,  Christmas is looming and I have books to write and deadlines to meet. Naturally I let myself put all of these first and my own needs last.

Oh no, I’m not nailing myself to the cross myself, I take full responsibility for my choices. I have realised it’s so much easier to be accountable to someone else than to myself. My friend used to come with me to Zumba but now she doesn’t due to a nasty Salsa strain, so I let it go because I’m I was being accountable to her when we went, not myself.

Now I am home, smelly, drinking coffee, kitchen is clean and I am onto my second coffee.

The precarious balance between being accountable and knowing when to sit on your ass isn’t easy but one thing is for sure.

Don’t do it because you have to, do it because you need to or want to. Try and learn the difference. God, knows I am.





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