You Look Nice

I had a writerly moment this afternoon when I picked up the fundraising cookbook I had ordered from my son’s school.

Some lovely women and I got to talking to me about being a writer and about books and TV shows and that my book with Penguin comes out soon and it was all very fabulous. We traded war stories about children and time management, school fees, their work and about trying to find jobs that work for school hours.

As I left, I did a pose for them and drew attention to my clothes and said, “Now I am off to go and live the life of an international author.” And we all laughed and well they should. For I was wearing yoga pants, worn espadrilles, an old pink shirt with a hole in the front and a hideous hoodie with a fluro pink zip. No makeup, hair in ponytail, no shiny earrings. My standard writing outfit.

Yesterday, I read someone saying the older we get the more we should try to make an effort.

What? I made an effort today- I wore a bra.


Whadya want for nuthin’?

For more of writers and what they like to wear when writing, read here.


One thought on “You Look Nice”

  1. Love, love, love this blog post – this was me today but instead of writing I was packing boxes to move house, also had to do the school run and duck into Westfields wearing my house clothes, faded black tights, $2 dollar singlet and a rather expensive cardigan that I found at bottom of washing basket – patiently waiting for some other woolen friends woolen friends to arrive so they could be hand washed in softly together – oh well ‘who needs a hand wash when a spray of perfume will do’

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