Get Your Sh*t Together

For many people today is back to work day after fun over Christmas and New Year. For those who have trouble being organised, then this is the year to start out as you mean to continue and I plan to help you with that, all Goop style. You know, slightly patronising with my inference that you have no f*cking idea how to run your own life and yet smug, in knowing my recommendations are good, great even.


For paper lovers:

How cute is this personalised calendar for you family? You can put the name on it and add all the sections for your overscheduled children. Get your butts here to choose the designs and styles. There is another one here also, but not personalised. I like personalised.

  • I have crapped on about it before and I will crap on about it again. This diary from Milestone Press is the best. I like a paper diary. I like this one. 18mths in a book and deliciously organised and not too cumbersome. Swoon. Buy here.

  • What about something super topdrawer? The Soho diary from Smythson. You can have to personalised also. Get your pretty on here.

  • When I got my first job at 18, I saved for one of these. Despite the fact I worked in a jewelry store, selling Longines watches to coked-up stockbrokers in the 1980’s, I thought a girl about town should have one of these. I also thought I should have a tartan shirt with puffed sleeves and thigh high suede boots but that’s a story for another day.  Does anyone use a Filofax anymore? Even the name seems archaic. File and Fax. Like something from another era, like tape and recorder.

Best online apps for organising:

  • Remember the Milk – A very popular app for organising your to do lists. You can prioritise, set reminders and plan the best way to get things done.
  • Evernote – Take notes, grab a screenshot, record some audio or copy a link — Evernote captures all this information and then organises it, indexes it and makes it searchable.
  • Google Calendar – The dorks tell me it’s better than iCal. Works for iPhone and Android.

That’s it. Have a great week back at work my friends.


7 thoughts on “Get Your Sh*t Together”

  1. Can’t ge the hang of a digital diary or calendar, just doesn’t work for me like trying to read books or mags so I am defs old school! I don’t have a tape recorder though!

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