Things You Don’t Need

The luxury market is always expanding, even in hard times.  I can’t help thinking, when I read what toys are being made for the wealthy, that it just gets more and more extreme. Luxury goods have had to push it as anyone can head to the local shopping mall Chanel and buy a bag nowadays. The average person can rock a pair of fake Dolce sunglasses, and nobody knows the difference.

So now luxury good manufacturers are making everyday things extreme, to prove that the superrich are better and more worthy.

Take, for example, this sterling silver stethoscope form Chrome Hearts. Yep. How to tell someone their dying but in style.

Or these iceskate boots from Dsquared2. Only $2500.  God, I wish the winter Olympic’s were on. Some crazy bitch would wear this and ice dance to Gaga, wearing Marchesa. I wish.

When you want to wrap it before you tap it but only the best will do, then grab a condom from Louis Vuitton, at $68 each. Sure it’s excessive but so is child suport…just sayin’.

And finally, the toilet for those who sh*t diamonds, covered in Swarovski crystals. I don’t get Swarovski. When did they become covetable? I went to my local shopping mall recently for the Boxing Day sales and the line for Swarovski was longer than the lines for Chanel, Burberry, Gucci etc. WHAT? It’s shitty crystal crap, dudes.

Happy Wednesday.



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