Things I Need

Ever see French and Saunders Lucky Bitches sketch? Love. It. So it seems fitting that a ladywriter could get a necklace saying such. The same company also has ones that say, Eat a Dick, In It To Win It and Big Butt And A Smile. Any of these will suffice, thanks.

Meanwhile, anyone use Scrivener? I have it. I am trying to use it. It’s hard to learn or maybe I’m just impatient.

I wrote my work schedule up yesterday and nearly wept with joy and fear. Microsoft word just won’t cut it anymore. It’s so unreliable for a long document.

Interestingly my schedule told me a few things and set some rules for my life:

  • I need a decent systems for writing, backing up and making sure my Mac is clean. I have the last two but not the first.
  • I can only commit to one social event a week. Be it day or night. One only.
  • I need to commit to better self care and kindness. Body, mind and soul. Eat well, exercise and sleep more.
  • Diligence, organisation and structure will lead me to the next phase.

That’s it. Have a good weekend friends.


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