Friday’s Love It Or Leave It List

Love It:

  • Taylor Swift’s Vogue shoot. Gorgeous photos and she actually looks her age. Wonderful styling. I’m not sure who did it yet, I need to get my hands on the actual magazine.


  • Suri’s Burn Book. Okay, funny and evil. Suri’s freestyles on other celebrity kids. Love. It. When I first saw this photo I thought it was a person of small stature, taking her child’s backpack to daycare. Then I realised perhaps she was taking herself to daycare.  I don’t know what’s creepier, the bad, 1984 trenchcoat or the dance shoes?
  • Chantecaille everything. I can’t get enough of their products. So good to wear.

  • This pillow? Hopefully the boyfriend pillow won’t fart in bed, snore or scratch his bum with the sheets. You can also get one for guys, but it has boobs. Yes. True. I can’t make this shit up. It’s so bad it’s good.

Leave It:

  • Lana Del Ray. I’m not gonna lie. I have disliked Ms Del ray from the get go. I don’t mind manufactured but with her fake lips and managers touting her as a ‘gangsta Nancy Sinatra,’ something didn’t ring true for me. It’s so purposefully hipster. She recently went on SNL and sang two songs and received a whippin’ from the haters for her performance. It was a weird show, maybe she was nervous. Whatever. It wasn’t until I read an online comment that said she was like ‘the pilled out sister from Sixteen Candles’ that I truly saw how hilarious the performance was. Lana Del Ray (aka. Elizabeth Grant) is a one hit wonder. View the Sixteen Candles scene with the pilled out sister below. Never not funny.
  • P.S This is my favorite teen movie.



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