Mia Mia for Miu Miu

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Mia Wasikowska is the perfect Miu Miu girl, non? Shot by David Sims. Hip young photographer who belongs to Art Partner. In my opinion Miu Miu is baby Prada. It’s not for older women. It’s for young hipsters like Mia, Tavi Gevinson and Alexa Chung. Miu Miu is gorgeous but a little young, oui?

The last celebrity model was fifteen year old Hailee Steinfeld in a 1940’s inspired shoot by Bruce Weber. She was seen in the photo’s, crying in Miu Miu on a railway track.

The ad was banned. I get why. The image had the whiff of death about it. A paramedic recently told my brother in law that since the anti-suicide barricades of the West Gate Bridge have been installed, death by train has tripled.  I have heard of three in the last year in Melbourne alone. Two of them young people.

Fashion inspires trends, good and bad. Kids are influenced and don’t pretend they aren’t.

P.S I’m fairly sure the trend of putting a bird on it, came from Miu Miu. They had a whole bird motif theme years ago.



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