And the Oscar Goes To…

Yes, the nominations are out. I am thrilled for the Bridesmaids writers and Melissa McCarthy in her Best Supporting Actor nod. Remember her first scene?

Megan: I fell off a cruise ship. 
Annie: Oh, shit.
Megan: Yeah, oh, shit. Took a hard hard violent fall, kinda pin-balled down hit a lot of railings, broke a lot of shit. I’m not gonna say I survived I’m gonna say I thrived. I met a dolphin down there and I swear to God that dolphin, looked not at me, but into my soul, looked into my Goddamn soul.

I don’t think I could breath at that point, she was so good. Really. It’s easy to make someone cry but to laugh like she made me howl? That’s hard.

And she went there. Yes, I know about shitting in the sink but it was her braveness in being seen as unattractive, ballsy and totally fucking nuts that had me at her first line.

I loved Bridesmaids. I loved it because I saw myself and all of my friends in that movie. If you didn’t get it, then I guess you have never had a dark night of the soul. When you think the rest of the world is passing you by and you’re stuck in reverse. Where you liked the guy who treated you like a whore but you put up with it ‘cos at least he called you, even if it was at midnight, for sex. When you had no idea what the hell you wanted for lunch, let alone life.

You have never shat yourself from bad food or wet yourself from laughing. You have never caught your own vomit when really pissed and had your friends laugh about it for years.

I have a group of girlfriends who have been in my world since the dawn of time. Recently I went out with them and another group of friends. Once of the girls got her period and it was messy. One of the girls washed the jeans in the sink at the restaurant, dried them off and wore them with her long top over them. She gave girl who had the issue her jeans so she could wear them with her short top. This is friendship. I will wear your period jeans so you can have a good time. Would you do that for your BFF? If you wouldn’t, then you and I can’t be friends.

I have caught vomit of a friend while driving her home and she has caught mine at another time. I have held friends, while their hearts were breaking and they snotted on my silk shirt. I have taken a friend to hospital with a tampon mishap. I have checked out friends nipples and waxes and ingrown hairs where they shouldn’t have been. I have talked sex, abortion, heartbreak and miscarriage. I have railed against the unfairness of life against my girls and I have laid in bed and prayed my BFF’s would find their big loves.

Life is messy and ugly sometimes. As I have become older I have realised life is a serious of turds with good bits in-between. You have to hang onto the good bits, not the turds and celebrate the girls in your life 24/7.

Well played Melissa!




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