Everything is Everything

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a sociologist. Until I found out it’s mostly looking at quantitative and qualitative data and empirical investigation. WTF?

Now I have my own theoretical framework of sociology.  About what trends are happening and what pushes people in certain directions in culture and their choices.

I was thinking about LOZ Cats/I Can Has Cheezburger. Ever seen that site? It’s been incredibly popular. (It makes me want to pull out my own fingernails with tweezers.) This site started on Reddit. Everything starts on Reddit in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Lolcats goes crazy and then a few years later, what prints am I seeing on clothes? Cats. Yes, cats f*ckin everywhere.

Then the rise of the Unicorn. See that print on everything everywhere? Back in 2006, there was a video called Charlie the Unicorn. So far it has had nearly 62,000,000 views. Yep, that number is correct.

And rabbits. Rabbit prints are everywhere. And what was last years Chinese Zodiac animal? Yep. Rabbit.

Expect dragons to be big this year and a plethora of bad tattoos to celebrate the Year of The Dragon.

And clouds. Clouds on everything. Why? Where does the cloud come from? Think about where we are told our data is being stored. In a ‘cloud’ by Apple, Windows, Google and Amazon to name a few companies who utilise this storage solution. A cloud is much more romantic to understand than a series of networked data centres. The greatest thing about Cloud storage is that all your devices talk to each other. Seamless. Scary.

So what next?

As I said, dragons.

Personally, I think art is going to be big in fashion. Art as a print. Abstract, figurative and digital imaging. Art is everywhere. Banksy is now a household name. Legal and illegal street art is being preserved and applauded. Etsy and Society 6 allow talented people to gain a following.  People want to wear their art, they want people to look at them. In times of intense revolution, as we are experiencing through technology, there is a natural desire to go back to the source of creation. A way of saying, ‘yes I use an iPhone but I also can channel my muse, without needing WiFi.’






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