Party On

On the weekend, I had a party to celebrate my book, my 40th birthday, my coming through a dark time and my general aceness.  As far as parties went, it was spectacular. One of the best if not the best in my years of party throwing. Then again, maybe it was the showering of love that I received on the day. I cannot tell you how great it was to have so many people I love in one garden. New and old friends alike mingled and giggled.

You wanna know the secret to a good party? Enjoy myself. Once it’s all planned, you have to let go of the outcome. I figured, at 3.20am the morning of the party,  if no one came then I would be eating minature finger food for the week. Not so bad.

But they came. And they ate and drank and talked and danced. And it was good.

Of course like all good parties, it finished with a spot of girl on girl UFC wrestling on the grass. Don’t say it wasn’t fun? It totally was!

The highlight? The most insightful, warm, loving and kind speech from my BFF, Emma, who made me cry and laugh and ‘gets’ me more than anyone one else I know. Women like her make the world a better place. True story.

Thank you to everyone who came and made an effort to show me you care, love me, like me and give a damn. I was blessed to have each of you in my garden on a sunny Saturday afternoon.





Thanks to Sunny Tsubaki for the photo.


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