Hollywood’s Game of Thrones

Mario Testino shoots the cover of Vanity Fair. Note the styling. The Jazz Age is big now, especially with The Great Gatsby being made by Luscious Baz Luhrmann. Does this cover make you want to buy it?

The short video of the shoot is up also. Click here to watch.

Can you imagine the hustle the girls reps had to get on, to push their girls to the front of the list for consideration? It’s a game of thrones and only the very fortunate get a seat at the round table.

Here is a slide show of some of the Vanity Fair Hollywood covers over the years. It’s fascinating to see who made it bigger and who lost their heat. It made me sad to see Brittany Murphy. God, she was good in Girl Interrupted wasn’t she? And Eight Mile? And what about Lindsay ‘LaLa’ Lohan? Remember when she said she would win an Oscar by 30? she could have, that’s the sad thing. The girl was brilliant. Was. And Kate Beckinsale…are the Underworld movies the only ones she makes now? Why is this? Why is she so forgettable?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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