What’s On My Mind?

  • Clooney and Pitt will lose out to Jean Dujardin for the Best Actor Oscar. Then we will never hear from him again in mainstream film. Like Roberto Benigni, when he won for Life is Beautiful. Neither Clooney or Pitt did an amazing job with mediocre roles.
  • Sleep is the answer to everything, after eleven hours last night, I am refreshed and ready to rock the laptop.
  • Cate Blanchett needs to do a role that makes her interesting and approachable.
  • Microsoft Word is a bitch but Scrivner is difficult to drive.
  • I think Smash is going to be addictive but shit TV and I can’t wait.
  • I miss Games of Thrones and Nurse Jackie.
  • I am happy my kid is sleeping again.
  • My Mum is 70 today and fantastic and I am grateful.
  • I like my new teen book editor, she is smart and funny and teases me gently, the best way.
  • Los Angeles is a long way to go for single meeting. I should wait.
  • I’m over 30 Rock and I feel bad about it. It’s just that it tries so hard to be ‘intelligent funny’.
  • I am in love with Stewie, from Family Guy. He is just plain funny. As is Louis C.K. Is he offensive? Yes. Funny. Hell yes. Push the pram off the cliff kinda humour.
  • During dinner last night, I watched the film, Marmaduke with my son. I will never get that time back again. I blame Owen Wilson and my son.
  • I like my house when it’s organised. it reflects my mind.
  • I am hopeful that today, I will pone this manuscript.

Laterz loverz.



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