Judge Me

This is the UK cover. Pretty, non? I like how they got the girls personalities in the illustration.  Rose, Calypso and Sapphira and their little moments and details. And those lanterns in the trees. Divine.

This is the one of the best parts of publishing. Seeing the book cover. *claps hands*

I am so lucky to have two publishing houses who get the genre and don’t shy from it. You know what you’re getting with my books and we make no apologies for it.

Although, I did get a comment from a man this morning, that I am setting up unrealistic expectations for women about sex, because my girls in my book always have orgasms during sex. Hilarious, non? You ain’t doing it right dude, is what I said in reply. 😉

Meanwhile, I’m going to go and look at my bookcovers and take pleasure in that.

Love your work, lovers.






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