Monday’s Musing’s

Things I miss about working in my old job:

  • Human interaction
  • Laughs with genuinely great staff
  • Making an effort to look nice
  • Routine
  • Coffee from Batch
  • The thrill of winning new business
  • The sense of purpose
  • Having a to-do list that you can get through at the end of the day.

Things I like about my new job:

  • Not being asked to listen to and then to solve petty office politics
  • I get to talk to myself and my dogs all day
  • Wearing my yoga pants to the office
  • My office is my sofa
  • Making my own coffee and saving $5840 a year, Yep, that’s right. Crazy.
  • Doing things when I want
  • Harnessing my ridiculous general knowledge about pop culture and putting it into books
  • Having a never ending list of ideas to work on.

I guess the decision is made for me.


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