Writing: Write and Wrong

The first weekend without sporting appointments for the son. My favourite time of the year, weather-wise, and I got my two work related projects off. Phew. And now? Onwards, as Margaret Whitlam used to say.

I woke this morning after dreaming of new ideas for books. No, nothing good, they were fairly shit ideas. All ideas in dreams seem amazing until you wake up. Like the time I dreamed that I invented pizza. In the twilight of waking, I thought it was amazing until I awoke properly and realised not only was it lame but pizza had been around since 997 AD.

However I did dream a few nights ago that my BFF invented botox for your scalp, which stopped your hair from going gray. THIS is a good idea.

I have a schedule for writing at the moment. It is always moving, like a WIP board that we used in my advertising days.

  • Title
  • Type (Books, TV, film, short story, etc)
  • Status (Finish, start, edits)
  • To Do (Send to agent, send to editor, send to first readers, meetings)
  • Due Date

Makes me accountable. Makes me panicked. Makes me work harder. Makes me remember it’s not art, it’s a job.



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