Opinion: My Mind Right Now

  • Death at forty-five is too young.
  • Some morning are exhausting.
  • A friend had a baby girl Saturday. She has divinely named boys, so I know her girls name will be amazing.
  • I have an ear infection. It hurts.
  • Today, I lost the morning to sadness.  I hope to lose the afternoon in a writing world.
  • I have an amazing trilogy idea but first I have to finish the books I have been paid for.
  • The pressure yesterday and today is enormous but it certainly reminds me I’m alive.
  • Mercury retrograde is messing with my head.
  • Rosehip Oil for your face is as good as people say.
  • I have made this evening’s dinner this morning, so I am free to head into my book world. This is good.
  • I think I am getting a crush on Michael Fassbender. Jane Eyre will prove my theory when I watch tonight.
  • My husband has a very nice shirt on today. He looks handsome, like Michael Fassbender.
  • I am craving corn.
  • I dreamed BFF was wearing a cloak made of starlight last night.
  • I must get on.

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