Film: Reader, I Married Him.

Last night I watched the newest adaptation of Jane Eyre.

It was okay, a 7/10, only because of Michael Fassbender. Occasionally Mia Wasikowska showed moxie but mostly, it was Fassbender who saved the film for me. It also had the most unsatisfyng ending of any adaptation I have seen.

I am not sure the director understood the material. The book is about sinning and redemption, in my opinion. Religion is constantly under the lens of Bronte throughout the book. It is about passion and love, doing the right thing and how to serve properly, not just as a servant to the classes but also as a servant of God. Morality and the idea of family. There is so much going on in the book and I didn’t really see any of it to be honest.

What I did like was the sense of time in the film. It is hard to convery time in film well, a few have done it. The use of the different stages of the moon in Samson and Delilah, Lizzy Bennet on the swing through the seasons in Pride and Prejudice by Joe Wright, the pregnant lady then holding her baby in the Notting Hill montage with Bill Withers warbling away in the background.

The sense of purposelessness in Jane and her little charge Adele’s life was well done also but what the hell was Judi Dench doing in this role. She might as well as just popped in for the arvo and donned her mob cap and then pissed off again. She is too good to be so criminally underused.

Mia Wasikowska was an unconvincing Jane. I think she needs a good director and one who is good with actors. In a few scenes with Fassbender she soared, the rest she tread water and occasionally sunk. (The crying on the moors part was boring, not harrowing. Fakey McFakerton.)

The score was okay, the costumes over thought in some cases but mostly fine, the locations were appropriate.

And that’s my review this week for Jane Eyre. You want to see a good one? The miniseries from 2006. Starring Ruth Wilson (currently dating Jude Law) and Toby Stephens.

Same time next week lovers.

From the mad women in the attic with a laptop.

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