Fashion & Film: The Hunger Games

Fashion follows film and the film with the most power, both the box office and in popular culture at the moment is The Hunger Games. If you haven’t heard of it then I am sorry about the coma you must have been in. You okay now?

Katniss and Primrose Everdeen are getting their own boards on Polyvore as is Effie Trinket.

It may seem odd to some, spending time creating boards for characters but I totally get it, I did for my characters in my book.

What I don’t get is fan fiction. This is weird but creating looks for amazing female characters? I’m down.

Imagine the fan fiction that going to come from The Hunger Games.

I’m happy with The Hunger Games frenzy. At least Katniss is ballsy and bold and we can dress her in some amazing clothes. Unlike Bella from Twilight in her plaid shirt, jeans and permanent scowl.

Other films soon to be released in 2012/2013 that I think will influence fashion.

  • The Great Gatsby Dir. Baz Lurhmann (Moulin Rouge) -Flappers hats, beading, mary jane shoes, bobbed hair
  • Les Miserables Dir. Tim Hooper (The King’s Speech) – Petticoats, military, long hair, french baby names
  • Anna Karenina Dir. Joe Wright (Atonement) – Lush fabrics, beading, brocade, wine colour, forest green, trains
  • Great Expectations Dir. Mike Newell (Four Weddings & a Funeral) – Bridal wear, urchin, cakes and waistcoats
  • Hyde Park on Hudson Dir. R0ger Michell (Notting Hill)- Peplums, sensible shoes, set hair and brooches

And that’s that.



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