Travel & Design: Jacques Garcia & The NoMad Hotel, New York

This is a hotel room. I would like my bedroom to look like this. Why doesn’t my bedroom look like this? Because I don’t have Jacques Garcia, the bespoke French interior designer arranging my art. Garcia is the designer du jour for your hotel, should you require an update and overhaul.

This is another picture of the rooms at the NoMad. Inspired by the Parisian flats of his youth, Garcia added elegant, homely touches to the rooms with Frette linen, Côté Bastide and curated art.

Don’t despair, Garcia doesn’t just interior decorate hotels, he also performed his magic on private homes. The Sultan of Brunei commissioned him to decorate his 6000 sq ft Paris pied-à-terre. No small task, I’m sure.

A final word from the style guru himself.

How do you define luxury?

Luxury is the simplest thing in the world: It is knowledge. Otherwise it’s only money. People get rich in four years and know nothing except that they have $50 billion. Their sole reference is the hotel room in which they stay. And their decorator tells them that if you don’t have this Picasso, you don’t exist.

Nicely said Monsieur Garcia.


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