Celebrity: When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Brenda Walsh

First off, let’s discuss her name. One twin gets Brandon, which is a cool name for the 1990’s, and the other twin gets Brenda. It’s not a good name, no wonder she was so goddammed sullen but goddammit, I loved Brenda.

As a die hard 90210 fan, Brenda was the reason I watched. All the other girls with their blonde hair and whimpering voices (I’m talking to you Jennie Garth) were vanilla. Brenda was coffee with hazelnut praline surprise.

She was a bitch and called people on their shit, which is why I loved her. She would totally be the first cover girl for my new magazine, Total Bitch ©.

I pretty much rocked every look of Brenda Walsh. I was part Andie from Pretty in Pink and Brenda from 90210 when I look back at my photos from the 80’s and 90’s. At times, I think I’m still there. Just this week I was debating to get a fringe cut. *shakes head*

Wasn’t Dylan MacKay everyone’s dream boy?

Remember when Luke Perry was on the front cover of Vanity Fair?

Is Luke a Fluke? The headline asks. Yes, yes he was. I wonder where he is now? TV fame is so fleeting.

But didn’t you love Brenda and Dylan together?

I will leave you with this.

‘Donna Martin graduates!’

Never fails to make me laugh.

See ya bitches.

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