Interiors: Vikings of Design

So my BFF’s have a few shops in Australia called Great Dane Furniture.  The best of Danish and Scandinavian design. It is seriously fun and design porn at it’s most titillating. It’s like everything Ikea wishes it was but handcrafted and less crap. Always a good thing.

They opened a new store last night, in Fitzroy and celebrated their 10 Year Anniversary. It was a fun launch, where I saw some serious Melbourne scenesters and well-heeled peeps. No really, I always look at the shoes first. Shoes are the reason I am now married to Dave. (He was wearing chocolate suede lace-up shoes when we met, those shoes helped him to marry me. Well played shoes.)

Last night saw some Gucci loafers with no socks (Chuck Bass, anyone?) and some spotted socks worn with winklepicker laces and cuffed jeans. Women sported biker boots and some Givenchy heels slide past me at one point. Nice.

Meanwhile, the showroom. Amazing. Please go, if you’re in Melbourne. It is a treat for the eyes and you will never regret a great piece of furniture. It’s inheritance furniture. The pieces your kids will fight over when you die, because they all want it so much.

Think about what your legacy will be. Good furniture means people will speak well of you in life, and in death. And shoes. Shoes and furniture is all that matters.

That’s all.

Happy Friday design lovers.


2 thoughts on “Interiors: Vikings of Design”

  1. Bahhhhh so wish I could have been there! Sure you all had a fabulous time, and looked even more fabulous while doing so! Everything looks so gorgeous…and Great Dane really has ruined me for life. My standards are far too high for my budget now…

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