Opinion: The Rise of Dauphin and Dauphine Terrible

We live in a world made for children yet we expect them to be adults. Cafes built specifically for children are emerging in the inner city and surrounding suburbs. Places where their mothers can sit and silently compare children while small talking over a latte. Where fathers can check their phones and read the papers, ignoring their children just so they can have a bit of bonding time.

We allow them to experience cafes like this but then are confused and appalled when they can’t behave normally at an everyday cafe. You taught them it’s okay to run around and now you’re changing the rules. It’s not their fault, it’s yours.

Luxury fashion labels are designing specifically for children as are car manufacturers. Mini, Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo and Jaquar have all been designing tiny replicas for your little darlings for years. Then parents flipping out at their adult children speeding and causing serious accidents.

You can dress your children in Gucci, Stella McCartney, Oscar De La Renta and Armani. Yet I see parents angry at their children for ‘getting dirty.’

Blue Ivy Carter was seen wearing these Marc Jacobs booties last week they are only $660.

There are so many mixed messages for children nowadays.

They are worshipped yet expected to be mini adults in their behaviour.

They are told to share, yet live in an exclusive world.

They are given what they want, just to shut them up yet not taught patience.

They are told to remember their manners by rude parents.

They are bribed with food then told off for being greedy.

I don’t have any answers. I am a parent and have made as many mistakes as I have successful decisions.

The difference is, when I had my first baby 15 years ago, I made do with what I had. We had no money and my daughters cradle was from the op-shop. I dressed her the best I could with what I had and worked out the rest. I taught her patience and how to behave in restaurants. I cannot tell you how many times I have had staff at restaurants compliment my children for their manners and respect.

My children were taught to respect their toys. Put them away. Keep them in order. Not lose things. Never to rip books. Books are our friends, is a saying constantly heard in my house.

We made things, we sang songs, we played hopscotch and skipping ropes. My kids know every nursery rhyme and old wives tales about cowslips and dandelions and the time in fairy land. We wrote letters to fairies and Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. We believed in magic, not Marc Jacobs.

This is a childhood.

The best does not always have a label.


2 thoughts on “Opinion: The Rise of Dauphin and Dauphine Terrible”

  1. i agree, thank god for our poverty i’m sick of seeing kids dressed like adults and expected to enjoy the things we like – next we’ll be expected to take them to a disco to enjoy a mocktail in a milkbottle

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