Television: Why The Box Rules

Television is the new feature film. Why go to the movie when you can overdose  in a whole weekend of a story? Have you done this? Watched TV from start to finish? Sex and The City, Games of Thrones (I haven’t been excited for a feature film release like I have with the new Game of Thrones season) The Good Wife, Tangle, Californication, Homeland, Downton Abbey, Entourage, The West Wing, Wire in The Blood, The Wire, The Killing.

The first time I ever did this was when I bought the entire ten years of Fraiser. We would watch a few episodes every night and then inhale an entire season over a weekend. It took weeks, I mean Frasier did go for eleven seasons. At the end, I was entranced with Daphne and Niles I nearly called my dogs after them. (Fraiser is still the best comedy writing on TV, ever.)

Vanity Fair celebrates the rise of TV with their latest issue. Look, I don’t love the cover.  Why do women on VF covers have to be down to f*ck at any given moment but I appreciate the sentiment.

So, why is TV so big now? A number of reasons:

  • The money is better
  • The work is longer in terms of seasons
  • Many sets are family friendly now, start at 8am and finish at 5pm
  • Great writing and slow leaks of the story give audience and performance satisfaction

Have you ever watched a twitter feed dedicated to your TV while is showing live? Nothing better. Honest. People are funny, smart, scathing and insightful and Twitter gives this to you in one. It’s like sitting in a room with mutual fans but not having to make them feel welcome. Perfect viewing.

Coming up is the new Aaron Sorkin TV show.

I have reservations about the show premise being set in a newsroom. I still don’t think newsroom are relevant anymore. Who gets their news off Twitter? Hands up. I learned of the deaths of Osama, Kim Jong Il and Amy Winehouse from Twitter.

Twitter does not however, make an interesting TV show. 140 characters is not a cast list.

Later TV-heads.


3 thoughts on “Television: Why The Box Rules”

  1. I hate TV, but I love TV-on-DVD. I’ve watched Friends, Sex and the City, Mad Men and Modern Family from start to finish. It’s so much funnier/better when you watch it in order, no commercials and my life doesn’t revolve around a time slot. Love.

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